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Money is a wonderful resource, a vehicle that is linked to freedom of lifestyle and of choices. It's the root of all goodness, as it allows us to be more of who we are, and to fully enjoy our experiences in life.

Love starts within oneself. We are made from love, for love, and we feel safe in love.


from getting all the nitty-gritty that I learned and am now sharing with you from 25 years of experience as well as from the best business schools and universities.


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    • The 2 most desirable skills to succeed in life and business 
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    • 4 ways to improve your content creation 
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    •  "Be still and know that I AM God" Gemma's analysis of this Bible verse 
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    • 10 free ways to bring traffic to your website 
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    • Pump yourself up before heading to the big meeting 
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      • How to create a marketing strategy and effectively reach your audience 
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      • 5 questions you might be afraid to ask about personal development 
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    10 common traits to successful women
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  • How to successfully negotiate a deal when we are a woman
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The 2 most desirable skills to succeed in life and in business 

It's not determination and consistency, as you can hit your head against the wall with determination and consistency, and still be broken in life and in business.

It's not discipline, and a healthy lifestyle, as you may still be alone in your life or business.

In this article, I summarize the two most essential skills you MUST have to succeed in life and business. + a third one that is a bonus

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4 ways to improve your content creation

In this article, I am applying personal development and leadership skills to digital marketing, showing you that you can never run out of content once you have a clear idea of what you like to talk about.

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Be Still And Know That I AM God - article

"Be Still And Know That I Am God"

Psalm 46:10 NIV

This article is about Gemma's interpretation of this timeless verse that is reminding us about how much God is our be-all and end-all if only we would allow Him to be. (replace God by the name of your choice representing the Higher Power / Higher Intelligence / Creator / Loving-kindness presence / etc)

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10 FREE ways to increase traffic to your website

From using social media, to creating your Google Business page, passing by many places on the web that you may not know about, I'm giving you valuable advice about how to get traffic flowing on your website or landing page that you can implement right away.

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Blog Article - increase your website traffic (420 × 300 px) (Instagram Post)
5 Quick Tips-Shining Star

5 Quick Tips to be THE Shining Star that you are

5 action verbs, 5 keywords, and everything works perfectly fine in your big meeting: You breathe, you smile, you connect, you acknowledge, you compliment, and without understanding why, everyone raves about you!

Unlock the secret to be loved by your counterparts in meetings where your life is at stake.

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How to Create a Marketing Strategy and Effectively Reach Your Audience

A marketing strategy is a useful tool when you know exactly what you offer, to whom, to solve which problem, and to get which result. Once you mastered these 4 elements, you can go on this article to get your roadmap to effectively reach your ideal audience. 

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Marketing (Instagram Post)
5 questions about personal development (Instagram Post)

5 questions you might be afraid to ask about personal development

Is personal development as waste of time? What's a simple formula to shift negative thoughts into positive ones? How is that after all the personal development I've already done I'm still a cry baby? How do I find a spiritual, sexy, healthy soulmate who is available to be in a love relationship with me? How to behave when we are triggered on something that is 30+ years in the past? and more

VALUE: $47.75

10 common traits of successful female leaders

Self-confidence, accountability, determination, ambition, creativity, and so much more are common traits of successful female leaders. Dive into this article to discover these traits and foster them in yourself, so that you too can be a successful female leader. It's not only for other people, it's also for you. (Hint: these qualities are not only for women, they are for all genders)

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16 of 20 female leaders

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  • Getting traffic to your website, landing page, social media profile or wherever you want traffic
  • Transforming your money mindset from poverty to wealth, from broke to rich, from barely getting by to financial ease
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I am about:

Building long-term relationships, that will keep on growing over time
Inspiring know, like, and trust in people just like you
Starting a new business, a new endeavor, a new chapter
Being paid to be ourselves, in our dream job
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